The Tormenting Tale of TimesJobs

Important: Please read my earlier post on The reference to context will then be simpler.

My experience with has been vexatious. It has almost turned out to be like "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". If Emily saw ghosts at 3am in the morning, I would often wake up with the nightmare of personnel (mostly a Sonia Oberoi or Rekha Singh) asking me if "I am in the right job" or someone else offering me a "Citibank Credit Card"

Yes, a credit card indeed. itself is out of job or providing jobs and hence has started selling credit cards - IRONY, I surmise.

All my attempts to "UNSUBSCRIBE" from their job alert and mailing services have failed, to the extent that I wrote to YAHOO to please have my email address either deleted or changed (I will post a screen-shot of a reply from YAHOO SECURITY TEAM in my next post).

However, I still made a brave, despondent attempt to "UNSUBSCRIBE" from their mailing service. I certainly didn't need a credit card (it is against my morality to use one), and most certainly not a CITIBANK credit card.

I received an email from Timesjobs on 14th September about Citibank credit card. I have received such emails innumerable TIMES earlier. I do the mundane task of "UNSUBSCRIBING" every time, like I did one this time.

I used their "most unefficient" option given in the email footer. I clicked the "UNSUBSCRIBE" link. It takes me to some page where I enter my email address, and click the submit option. I pray to the Vighnaharta to give me success this time, 'please absolve me from this great torturous vighna called Timesjobs'.

Next page tells me that my email will be removed within 24 hours. I give a sigh of relief assorted with a groan of suspicion. I go to sleep. The exorcism of still haunts me though.

I thought Ganpati Bappa had listened to me this time. No mails from for a week. However, my alleviation was shortlived. I found an email from notoriously smiling at me. 24 hours had not transpired yet, even after 10 days i.e. 240 hours. There is something seriously wrong with Or perchance I was obsessively sanguine about myself.

I cannot fathom this "saga of negligience" and the "anecdote of affliction", literally. There is nothing or no one there at, I apprise; just these automated emails. All the back-office staff had possibly used Naukri or Monster to search for jobs elsewhere and abandon TIMESJOBS. I can understand their aggravation.

However, I still don't know the solution to all this.

Perhaps, I should write back to the Yahoo Security team.

Marathi, Movies, Multiplexes, Et Al

Raj’s recent advancement towards Marathi movies in multiplexes met with a speed breaker from Ashok Chavan, our white-collared CM, as usual. The pillage at the multiplexes is still beyond my comprehension and does not appear justified. Neither did Ashok Chavan’s justification about why not to screen Marathi movies in multiplexes at prime time made any sense to me. Chavan says Marathi manoos cannot afford the highly priced tickets of multiplexes, and that a single day expense at a multiplex is beyond Marathi viewer’s reach. This is a necessitous king's mentality.

That is not entirely true Mr. Chavan!

The same Marathi manoos has the capability to spend on the movie, and he does it on a SRK or Aamir or a Bachchan movie, we often observe.

Simply because, the Bollywood is more presentable and entertaining, which unfortunately is not the case with our Marathi movies. Also, Bollywood movies have a wider exposure, and high budgets for marketing & promotion. Most Marathi movies have to sadly rely on the grants that Government provides, which is a meager amount of Rs. 25 lacs. It would be better if the cultural affairs department of your ministry concentrates on strategies to improve the quality, (and quantity) of Marathi movies, instead of commenting on the financial capacity of Marathi manoos, making him look of a mediocre stature.

I would like to bring a similar opinion to the notice of Raj. Ransacking the multiplexes may not go well with the Marathi viewer, what he needs is not additional slots but quality movies which will be worth spending Rs. 150-200. Stir and agitate a campaign to urge the Marathi filmmakers to make better movies; once the quality improves, multiplexes will inevitably provide adequate slots.

In recent times, it is very rare that a movie like “Harishchandrachi Factory” or “Natrang” or “Jogwa” or “Gabhiricha Paus” is made. Mahesh Manjrekar’s “Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho”, though based on similar genres of “Taare Zameen Par” and “3 Idiots”, the latter were much better in conveying a message and presentation. Neither did “Shwaas” impress me, it was an over-hyped emotional melodrama; if “Maaherchi Saadi” was made today, probably it would have made to the Oscars too.

Most certainly, it seems unlikely that we will able to create the magic of V. Shantaram, Raja Paranjpe, Bhalji Pendharkar, Anant Mane (Tamasha based movie specialist), Raj Dutt, and so on. The breed degraded in quality ever since the advent of Dada Kondke, who spoiled film making and its entire sensitivity, and the offshoots like Ashok Saraf, Mahesh Kothare, Bharat Jadhav, Makarand Anaspure, Santosh Jadhav, etc still continue to haunt us.

While it is easy to blame Bollywood for the decline of Marathi theatre and cinema, our cultural ministry and film makers cannot have a free hand. There was a time when Bollywood gang was afraid of our Marathi theatre artists; Nilu Phule and Shreeram Lagoo, for example, were a tremor for Bachchans and Dilip Kumars. However, Bollywood overruled everything, manipulated and today you will see a Marathi artist as a “kaam wali bai” or “kachra wala” or “havaldaar”or a so called superstar of Marathi films as a Nokar of entrant Salman Khan.

Few Talpades, Kulkarnis, Dixits, Gowarikers do get lucky though.

So, my dear Honourable Ashok Chavan and Respected Raj Thackeray, let us turn our focus to a good cause to improve the quality of theatre and cinema, instead of justifying the means, which seep through a rational mind with great difficulty.

In all good hope of revival of Marathi cinema’s golden era.

Men of (Dis)Honour

Kalmadi is all over the news channels and newspapers. I mostly had ignored the CWG scam news and everything else associated with it. I treated it as some rot that I did not want to waste much of my time on. Among many of the frauds and scams that the thick skinned politicians of our country keep executing, this was one of them. What drove me back to this news was Mr. Gill giving a clean chit to Kalmadi; maybe it was just a lame attempt to turn the focus from fraudulent practices to seeing the games being finally held.

I do not intend to justify or falsify any of the claims made by either sides of the government or the general public. I am, however, confused, as I have always been to understand the psyche behind people doing such frauds, scams, and adopting to ill means to achieve what they want. To put it simply, I always wanted to understand, “how much should be enough”; the greed keeps increasing ever after. Even in my wildest dreams, I can never think about what I would do with Rs. 200 crores of assets, if I could ever make that kind of wealth (I did dream about that once, accumulating 200 crores of assets was in itself a gigantic task, and it was morning by the time I could reach that mark. I assumed that I already had that asset base and dream again, yet I failed to conceive of anything to do with that kind of wealth). And here there are people who guzzle down 10 times or even 100 times of that money with so much each and pretense like chewing a paan.

What will happen to Kalmadi only time will tell; maybe he will be found guilty and tried under law; maybe he will die a tragic death; maybe he will contract some suffering, and so on. The end result of all such species has been the same; I can remember very rare ones (there could be many) who have escaped ill consequences of their wrongdoings. Not many were spared. I am not talking about the penalty that one will face on the judgement day or about fearing the God up above. Some morale or self respect, at least to make you bother about your transgression.

See the cases of Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parikh, Dinesh Dalmia, Telgi, and most recently Raju of Satyam. They all reaped what they sowed. They all were big and powerful, yet had to confront the results of their unlawful activities. It is very rare that one can outsmart the law.

And then looking at these big names, there are many small timers who follow the suit. They get blinded by the path of fictitious glory that they set their foot onto without giving any stirring thought to what could consequently happen – a miserable end result is inevitable.

Bribing, evading taxes, not following legal rules & procedures, overriding the law, taking officials & rules for granted are some acts that people with such mentality take pride in. Their belief that “I never got caught that time so I will never get caught” makes them commit a bigger and bolder offense the next, which subsequently starts resulting in fraudulent activity taken in small steps. This not only such people of inferior morale but also contaminates the surroundings where such people dwell, thus forming a strong substrate where corruption breeds. “Arey usko paisa khila denge, aur kaam ho jayega”, people often use such phrases as lightly and easily as saying “I love you”.

I fail to understand what people try to achieve doing such malpractices. “If there is any query, paisa khila ke sort out kar denge yaar”; why should there be time for such a situation to arise when there is a chance to play safe right from the start.

It is indeed small timers like these who successively gather might to keep on doing the wrong thing, manipulate data, bribe government officials, dupe the investors, and so on. And this sooner or later gives birth to Kalmadis, Parekhs, Kodas, Mehtas etc. For how long, though? You eventually will fall to the mercy of the law or to you self – a miserable end life. And even if none of this happens, in the end would you feel proud enough to look into the eyes of your loved ones and proudly proclaim your acts of dishonour.